Brother TZe-232 Label 12mm (0.5 Inch), Length of 8M, Red on White Tape Original

Brother TZe-232 Label 12mm (0.5 Inch), Length of 8M, Red on White Tape Original

Brother TZe-345 18mm (0.75 Inch), Length of 8M, White on Black Label Tape Original

Brother TZe-345 18mm (0.75 Inch), Length of 8M, White on Black Label Tape Original

Brother TZe-334 12mm (0.5 Inch), Length of 8M, Gold on Black Label Tape Original

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The TZe-334 Gold on Black p-touch tape sticks to virtually any surface and is durable enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions.
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The Brother TZe334 (TZ334) P-touch Tape is 1/2" x 26' Gold On Black. This ptouch tape features an exclusive laminated tape process and standard adhesive and is perfect for everyday applications. These labels stay on under normal indoor and outdoor use, including hot and cold environments.  It's best suited for smooth flat surfaces.  The TZ-334 p-touch tape features the new crack and peel backing.

The Brother TZE 334 Ptouch Tape is used in the following P-touch Label Printers, you can click on your Electronic Labelmaker for a complete list of Brother tapes:

PTD200 PT320 PT1000 PT1170S PT1500PC PT1880 PT2110 PT2600
PTH100 PT330 PT1010 PT1180 PT1600 PT1900 PT2200 PT2610
PT11Q PT340 PT1090 PT1190 PT1650 PT1910 PT2210 PT2700
PT18R PT350 PT1090BK PT1200 PT1700 PT1950 PT2300 PT2710
PT200 PT520 PT1100 PT1230PC PT1750 PT1960| PT2310 PT2730
PT300 PT530 PT1100sb PT1280 PT1760 PT2030 PT2400 PT2730VP
PT300B PT540 PT1120 PT1290 PT1800 PT2030AD PT2410 PT3600
PT310 PT550 PT1130 PT1300 PT1810 PT2030VP PT2430PC PT7100
PT310B PT580C PT1160 PT1400 PT1830 PT2100 PT2500PC PT7500
ST1150DX PT9800PCN PT9600 PT9400 PT9200DX PT7600 ST5 ST1150
PT9700PC PT9500PC PT9200PC          
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Product Type Label Tape
Page Yield at 5% Coverage N/A
Color Gold on Black
Shelf Life Life Time
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Brother Label Tape

Our label maker tapes are specially designed to work with Brother handheld, desktop, PC-Connectable, and industrial label printers and are your best choice for performance and durability. Whether you need water-resistant laminated tapes for indoor or outdoor use, flexible ID tape for wire wrapping, or pre-sized die cut labels, Brother has a large selection of sizes, adhesive choices, and colors to choose from. Organize your home, office, or industry with Genuine Brother label tape.

Choosing Proper Brother Label Tape From Following Table  

*Please double check your machine's spec for supported Size


Series Colour 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm
standard Black on Clear TZe-111 TZe-121 TZe-131 TZe-141 TZe-151 TZe-161
Black on Matt Clear TZe-M11 TZe-M21 TZe-M31 TZe-M41 TZe-M51  
Black on White TZe-211 TZe-221 TZe-231 TZe-241 TZe-251 TZe-261
Black on Red TZe-411 TZe-421 TZe-431 TZe-441 TZe-451 TZe-461
Black on Blue TZe-511 TZe-521 TZe-531 TZe-541 TZe-551 TZe-561
Black on Yellow TZe-611 TZe-621 TZe-631 TZe-641 TZe-651 TZe-661
Black on Green TZe-711 TZe-721 TZe-731 TZe-741 TZe-751 TZe-761
Black on Gold TZe-811 TZe-821 TZe-831 TZe-841 TZe-851  TZe-861
Black on Silver TZe-911 TZe-921 TZe-931 TZe-941 TZe-951   TZe-961
Red on Clear TZe-112 TZe-122 TZe-132 TZe-142 TZe-152 TZe-162 
Red on White TZe-212 TZe-222 TZe-232 TZe-242 TZe-252 TZe-262
Blue on Clear TZe-113 TZe-123 TZe-133 TZe-143 TZe-153  TZe-163
Blue on White TZe-213 TZe-223 TZe-233 TZe-243 TZe-253  TZe-263
Gold on Black TZe-314 TZe-324 TZe-334 TZe-344 TZe-354  
White on Clear TZe-115 TZe-125 TZe-135 TZe-145 TZe-155 TZe-165 
White on Black TZe-315 TZe-325 TZe-335 TZe-345 TZe-355 TZe-365 
White on Red TZe-415 TZe-425 TZe-435 TZe-445 TZe-455  
White on Blue TZe-515 TZe-525 TZe-535 TZe-545 TZe-555  
White on Green TZe-715 TZe-725 TZe-735 TZe-745 TZe-755  
Strong Adhesive Black on White TZe-S211 TZe-S221 TZe-S231 TZe-S241 TZe-S251 TZe-S261
Black on Yellow TZe-S611  TZe-S621 TZe-S631 TZe-S641 TZe-S651  TZe-S661 
Flexible Black on Clear TZe-FX111 TZe-FX121 TZe-FX131 TZe-FX141 TZe-FX151 TZe-FX161
Black on White TZe-FX211 TZe-FX221 TZe-FX231 TZe-FX241 TZe-FX251 TZe-FX261 
Black on Red     TZe-FX431      
Black on Blue     TZe-FX531      
Black on Yellow     TZe-FX631      
Black on Green     TZe-FX731      
Red on White     TZe-FX232      
Mat Black On Matt Silver     TZe-M931      
Strong Mat Strong Black On Matt Silver     TZe-SM931      
Fluorescent Black on Fluorescent Yellow   TZe-C21 TZe-C31 TZe-C41 TZe-C51  
Black on Fluorescent Orange   TZe-B21 TZe-B31 TZe-B41 TZe-B51  
Black on Fluorescent Green   TZe-D21 TZe-D31 TZe-D41 TZe-D51  
Fabric Navy Blue on White Fabric     TZe-FA3 TZe-FA4     
Red on White Fabric     TZe-FA3R TZe-FA4R    
Specialty  Security Tape Black on White       TZe-SE4    
Special Color   White on Berry Pink     TZe-MQP35      
 White on Lime Green    


 White on Satin Gold     TZe-MQ835      
 Gold on Satin Silver     TZe-MQ934