Brother PT-E550WVP Industrial Handheld Wireless Labeller

Brother PT-E550WVP Industrial Handheld Wireless Labeller

Brother PT-P900W Desktop Laminated Label Printer with Wi-Fi

  • Desktop Laminated Label Printer
  • Produce Premium Quality UL Certified Laminated Labels On-Demand
  • Virtually Eliminates the Need to Purchase Pre-Printed Labels from a Converter for Custom and Short Run Labels
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The PT-P900W is a complete, wireless, on-demand, laminating label printing solution.

It comes fully equipped with printer, accessories, label design and print software, and a full-length UL-certified tape! This small footprint printer produces wide, premium quality laminated labels at 360dpi print resolution, at up to 32mm print height on 36mm tape. It features a built-in automatic cutter that trims a continuous "tape" to virtually any length, one at a time or as a strip of pre-cut labels. And did you know Brother laminated labels can withstand abrasion, fading, extreme temperatures, chemicals and moisture?
  • Desktop Laminated Label Printer
  • Produce Premium Quality UL Certified Laminated Labels On-Demand
  • Virtually Eliminates the Need to Purchase Pre-Printed Labels from a Converter for Custom and Short Run Labels
  • Wi-Fi USB and Serial Interfaces
  • Larger Print Head Prints up to 32mm High on 36mm Wide Tape at 360 dpi Printing Resolution
  • Connect Directly to a Windows Computer iOS and Android Smartphone or Tablet
  • Automatic Dual Blade Cutting Mechanism
  • Prints Laminated Labels up to 3.1 ips that is Ideal for Work in Progress (WIP) and Higher Volume Labelling Applications
  • Create custom templates and add data from linked sources
  • Uses HGe/TZe/HSe Tape All-in-One Drop in Cartridge Design Helps Ensure you Get the Best Print Quality and Makes Replacing Media Virtually Trouble Free
  • Small Footprint only 4.7" wide x 5.7" high x 7.6" deep, ideal for Use on Crowded Bench Tops Limited Work Space and Even on Carts
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Box includes PT-P900 Label Printer, TZeS251 Tape (8m), USB Cable, AC Adapter (AD-9100ESA), Power Cable, Printed Guides and Software (Brother Solutions Center)


Connectivity USB (Mini),Wi-Fi
Cutter Type Automatic
Device Type Desktop Laminated Label Printer
Dimensions 119.4W x 193D x 144.8H mm
Maximum Label Size 36mm
PC Compatibility Yes
Power Supply Li-ion Rechargeable (not included) or AC Adapter
Print Resolution 360 x 720 dpi
Reprint Option Yes
Warranty 1 year manufacturer warranty
Type of Label Printer Desktop
Power Source Battery-Operated + Plug-In
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
PC/Mac Compatibility PC & Mac
QWERTY Keyboard No
Weight 3.3 LBS
Battery Details Rechargeable Li-ion (not included)
Label Type Laminated,Non-laminated,Acid Free,Extra Strength Adhesive,Flexible ID,Heat Shrink Tube,High Grade,Iron-On Fabric,Standard Adhesive,Stencil,Tamper-Evident
Print Speed 80 mm / sec
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Brother Label Tape

Our label maker tapes are specially designed to work with Brother handheld, desktop, PC-Connectable, and industrial label printers and are your best choice for performance and durability. Whether you need water-resistant laminated tapes for indoor or outdoor use, flexible ID tape for wire wrapping, or pre-sized die cut labels, Brother has a large selection of sizes, adhesive choices, and colors to choose from. Organize your home, office, or industry with Genuine Brother label tape.

Choosing Proper Brother Label Tape From Following Table  

*Please double check your machine's spec for supported Size


Series Colour 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm
standard Black on Clear TZe-111 TZe-121 TZe-131 TZe-141 TZe-151 TZe-161
Black on Matt Clear TZe-M11 TZe-M21 TZe-M31 TZe-M41 TZe-M51  
Black on White TZe-211 TZe-221 TZe-231 TZe-241 TZe-251 TZe-261
Black on Red TZe-411 TZe-421 TZe-431 TZe-441 TZe-451 TZe-461
Black on Blue TZe-511 TZe-521 TZe-531 TZe-541 TZe-551 TZe-561
Black on Yellow TZe-611 TZe-621 TZe-631 TZe-641 TZe-651 TZe-661
Black on Green TZe-711 TZe-721 TZe-731 TZe-741 TZe-751 TZe-761
Black on Gold TZe-811 TZe-821 TZe-831 TZe-841 TZe-851  TZe-861
Black on Silver TZe-911 TZe-921 TZe-931 TZe-941 TZe-951   TZe-961
Red on Clear TZe-112 TZe-122 TZe-132 TZe-142 TZe-152 TZe-162 
Red on White TZe-212 TZe-222 TZe-232 TZe-242 TZe-252 TZe-262
Blue on Clear TZe-113 TZe-123 TZe-133 TZe-143 TZe-153  TZe-163
Blue on White TZe-213 TZe-223 TZe-233 TZe-243 TZe-253  TZe-263
Gold on Black TZe-314 TZe-324 TZe-334 TZe-344 TZe-354  
White on Clear TZe-115 TZe-125 TZe-135 TZe-145 TZe-155 TZe-165 
White on Black TZe-315 TZe-325 TZe-335 TZe-345 TZe-355 TZe-365 
White on Red TZe-415 TZe-425 TZe-435 TZe-445 TZe-455  
White on Blue TZe-515 TZe-525 TZe-535 TZe-545 TZe-555  
White on Green TZe-715 TZe-725 TZe-735 TZe-745 TZe-755  
Strong Adhesive Black on White TZe-S211 TZe-S221 TZe-S231 TZe-S241 TZe-S251 TZe-S261
Black on Yellow TZe-S611  TZe-S621 TZe-S631 TZe-S641 TZe-S651  TZe-S661 
Flexible Black on Clear TZe-FX111 TZe-FX121 TZe-FX131 TZe-FX141 TZe-FX151 TZe-FX161
Black on White TZe-FX211 TZe-FX221 TZe-FX231 TZe-FX241 TZe-FX251 TZe-FX261 
Black on Red     TZe-FX431      
Black on Blue     TZe-FX531      
Black on Yellow     TZe-FX631      
Black on Green     TZe-FX731      
Red on White     TZe-FX232      
Mat Black On Matt Silver     TZe-M931      
Strong Mat Strong Black On Matt Silver     TZe-SM931      
Fluorescent Black on Fluorescent Yellow   TZe-C21 TZe-C31 TZe-C41 TZe-C51  
Black on Fluorescent Orange   TZe-B21 TZe-B31 TZe-B41 TZe-B51  
Black on Fluorescent Green   TZe-D21 TZe-D31 TZe-D41 TZe-D51  
Fabric Navy Blue on White Fabric     TZe-FA3 TZe-FA4     
Red on White Fabric     TZe-FA3R TZe-FA4R    
Specialty  Security Tape Black on White       TZe-SE4    
Special Color   White on Berry Pink     TZe-MQP35      
 White on Lime Green    


 White on Satin Gold     TZe-MQ835      
 Gold on Satin Silver     TZe-MQ934